Welcome Salon Industry Professionals

I’m excited that you’re here with me to share the launch of my salon/suite coaching company! As a salon suites owner, hair salon owner, working stylist, industry advocate and busy mother, I have met so many other pros like you who have felt uncertain and needed specific guidance for business growth.

Rosey Ibarra

Bottom line, I’d like to become your own advocate for business success (the one I always wish I had <g>). I am inspired to change your professional dynamic from ho hum ‘status quo’ to becoming your own best brand … in some fresh, innovative, profitable, and proven ways! It’s all about having solid solutions and choices … plus your own concierge coach to send you down the right path … now!

Think of me more as a custom specialist than a generalist … one of your peers who has been where you are … who cares passionately about our industry, and even more about ‘you’! When we help each other, we all win.

I promise to help you …


  • Are you a student whose goal is to be in a salon suite and needs support making that plan?
  • Are you a salon owner, stylist, barber, nail tech, or esthetician ready to move on – and up?
  • Are you a salon professional considering your own brick-and-mortar salon but would prefer to test-drive the concept at low-risk ownership through salon suite options?
  • Are you already a salon-suite owner/renter who needs some help making your suite decisions?
  • Are you and investor/developer who wants to build your own salon suites company?

I’m ready to inspire you to find your suite spot of salon owner success.


Let’s Talk!

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